Who Is Ken Moulton Jr.?

  "Always do your best in even the smallest thing you do. Merging our improvements of the virtual world into our reality makes a better place for every being on the planet."  

I grew up a hard worker on a local Maine dairy farm where most of my childhood was spent. 12 year old Ken made it to the Portland Press Herald front page as a shining star in Christmas tree sales for my father. My sales training had begun; including overcoming objectives, and suggestive sales. Knowing that I didn't want to be a farmer I had started computer graphic design and HTML programming at the age of 15. With the soon to be added experience of JavaScript extensions and CSS, an addiction to web development, and an introduction to computer repair and installation begun.

In 2003 I started Extreme Machines; a business based on gaming computer creations for those considered enthusiasts of the computer world. I've built home computers, gaming systems, budget college systems, multi-processor servers, and high-end performance systems for my clients. I've also created websites for my clients ranging from plain HTML sites, to projects that entail as many as 6 implemented scripting languages.

That certainly seems like ages ago. I've since grown up, got a couple of kiddos and more business oriented endeavors to concern myself with. I've seen hard times, and hard work, perseverance, and optimistic attitude I have managed to come out on top. Extreme Machines has since closed it's doors, I have procured a degree in Computer Science from Southern Maine Community College, and have been involved in some impressive projects.

In 2014 and 2015 I helped to launch GoodWill of Northern New England's technology venture, GoodTech. My hardware and software knowlegde helped to create a great environment for persons new to the tech-world to get some hands on experience and train for their future in technology. GoodTech is a great program where computers donated to GoodWill are repaired and sold, or recycled and reused. The proceeds help to create local jobs and train those interested in advancing their careers in technical industries.

I currently hold a position as an Applications Support Generalist for GWI; a local Internet service provider. Here I use my vast knowledge of computer based languages and experience with legacy systems to assist GWI in making their re-entry into the community as they become more know as a high-speed fiberoptic company.

Whether I'm setting a sales floor, inspiring others through seminars, building new software, or creating impact on the internet I always enjoy what I do, and give it 100%!

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